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In this life, we can’t do great things. We can only do small things with great love.
~ Mother Teresa

The Faces of Hope Fund partners with community and Non Governmental Organizations to help provide medical assistance, education and aid to children around the world.

As a documentary photographer, I regularly travel to numerous countries and bear witness almost on a daily level to the dire needs and situations of children world-wide. When you hear that 230,000 were killed in an earthquake, the numbers are almost too much for us to comprehend. But when you look into the eyes of one child, the situation becomes more personal.

My aim is to not only bring a face to the place and raise social conscious awareness, but to also see if there’s some financial assistance I can bring to the communities that I’ve worked in that have touched me so deeply.

With first hand experience I have seen how much a little money can do when put into the right hands. Last year, by partnering with a small NGO, DR2DR, we were able to bring five doctors and $10,000 worth of medical supplies to help a small health clinic in Laos. This rural health clinic is in desperate need of an x-ray machine, which would help their community immensely. My goal is to get them one by the end of 2010.

Because of the immediate need I just witnessed, I am also working on another project in Haiti, helping to supply tents to house displaced families due to the devastating earthquake. The race is on as the heavy rains are coming. One tent, which can fit a whole family, costs $100.

Every tax-deductible dollar donated to this fund goes directly to valid grass-roots organizations I’ve witnessed which are helping the children in their communities.

Online giving is safe and easier than ever; however, if you would prefer to send your donation by mail, please send using this address:

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The Faces of Hope Fund (#1804) is housed through the Tides Foundation so please make the checks out to “Tides Foundation” with a notation on the memo line that it’s for the “Faces of Hope Fund,” (#1804) on the check. All donations are tax-deductible.